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Why F/m Investments and F/m Mutual Funds

F/m Investments brings innovative, performance-driven investment managers from around the world and across asset classes to advisors and institutional investors. F/m Mutual Funds represents one way to access select strategies offered by F/m Investments. We believe that active portfolio management by our boutique manager partners can produce the long-term results that are vital for investors to capture performance, mitigate risk, and reach their goals.
Our flexible structure enables F/m to provide distinctive investment solutions from across the spectrum of investment strategies and vehicles, encompassing traditional and alternative investments; mutual funds, separately managed accounts, and model delivery; and registered and private funds.

F/m Investments and F/m Acceleration


Investment Managers & Partners



$559 million

Assets Under

$1.3 billion

Assets Under Administration

(as of 6/30/2020)

F/m Investments, LLC is a registered investment adviser serving F/m mutual funds and separately managed accounts.
F/m Acceleration LLC provides trading, operational, and administrative services.